Advanced solutions for binary options brokers

We will independently prepare for you the entire package of documentation. We will help with the registration of the company, opening a bank account and the choice of jurisdiction.

Each development of our specialists is special and unique, and extensive experience in personalizing the brand - image will help your company to take root deeply in the minds of customers. Design company! Marketing Solutions! Promotions! And much more, will help in the shortest possible time to attract the attention of users (traders) and stand out in a competitive environment!

Website creation, as an integral part of the brokerage business, will serve not only as an advertising tool but also as a link of such elements as:

  • personal account for every client;
  • CRM system;
  • payment systems;
  • chat support;
  • and other additional modules.

The site optimizes business processes and synchronizes the work of all elements with the trading platform. With our help, the work will be comfortable, and the results as high as possible!

The trading platform is the main working and investment environment of a binary options broker. In order to maximize the location of traders (clients), the platform should have first-class functionality:

  • wide selection of tools and expirations;
  • quick execution of transactions;
  • availability of analytical and other modules.

Our programmers will create for you a fully functional platform! Leave a request or contact us for more information!

The most important, in the brokerage business, is the human resources of the company. To ensure business continuity, you will need highly qualified specialists in the following areas:

  • active sales;
  • PR and SEO;
  • marketing and advertising;
  • financial analysis, etc.

We will help you in the shortest possible time to assemble a strong and hardworking team! We also provide training for sales managers, which will help you to maximize profits from direct sales. This service is suitable, both for beginner brokers and for the development of sales departments of already established companies!

CAPFINEX will start your business! Joint setting goals and priorities will accelerate movement in all selected areas! Thanks to advanced promotion methods, the time from the stage of business planning to the receipt of the first profit will be only 1-3 months! Contact us and become a part of a modern financial business!

Binary options is a profitable, young and fast-growing financial business that has undergone great changes over the last 5-7 years. New conditions for the business, with full transparency and within the legal framework, attract even more customers than before. "Black companies" leave the market, giving way to young and honest brokers. Another positive trend revealed by marketing research is the ever-increasing demand for binary options and Forex.

By opening a company, you become part of a global industry in which demand always exceeds supply! An industry in which it is not necessary to have an office and many personnel! An industry in which a business pays off in a year!

CAPFINEX – is an individual approach! Our customer is a satisfied customer!

Guaranteed lowest prices, with the highest level of service!

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