Advanced solutions for Forex brokers

We will help to understand all matters of a legal nature. Choosing jurisdiction, opening a bank account and registering a company is a very important step in creating a brokerage business. Entrust it to us!

A trading terminal – is a multifunctional software that provides traders with access to foreign exchange markets.

What is important is not only the functionality and interface, but also the speed of processing applications.

At this stage, our task - is the choice of software and liquidity provider!

Creating and promoting a brand, implementing marketing decisions and shaping the company's image are one of the most important steps in creating a Forex broker. Our task is to develop a unique concept of the company and use it as an advantage in a competitive environment.

Effective branding does not imply high costs. The main qualitative study of the audience and creativity!

The corporate identity of your site, and the installation of additional modules and services, will help to attract the attention of customers (traders) from the very first days of your company's existence.

We will not only select candidates for you, but also train them in financial analysis and sales of investment products. Our team includes people from the largest brokerage companies with tremendous sales experience. This service is suitable for both beginners and advanced brokers!

The Forex market is characterized by a daily turnover of 2-5 trillion dollars! The demand for brokerage services is growing exponentially! You have a unique chance to become part of this global financial industry! CAPFINEX will help you with this! Contact us or use the feedback form!