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Services for FOREX traders

Contact us! Our support service will answer any questions you may have, help you with the choice of services and brokers, advise you about the current market situation. Contact us or leave a request for feedback.

You trade - we pay! Get extra income in the amount of 1-10$ for each traded lot (for each transaction)!


  1. Go to the brokers rating;
  2. Select a company for further work;
  3. Click "OPEN ACCOUNT" and go through the registration;
  4. Replenish up your balance and let us know.

Accrual occurs once a month, in any way convenient for you! This service will help create additional income from trading. Rebate is charged for each transaction, regardless of whether it is profit or loss.

Copy trades of professional traders from the CAPFINEX team. A fully automated service will save you time and help build absolutely passive earnings on the FOREX market. Examine the statistics and submit a connection request. The minimum trade balance to get started is $ 500.


  1. Deposit from 500 to $ 999 - a commission from the profit of 20% (our reward);
  2. Deposit from 1000 to $ 2999 - a commission from the profit of 10% (our reward);
  3. Deposit from 3000 to 9999 $ - the commission from the profit of 5% (our reward);
  4. A deposit from $ 10,000 and above - no commission.

Take a course on integrated financial market analysis. Study individually and learn from the best in an accessible form, in simple and understandable language. The course includes:

  1. Introduction to the course from scratch.
  2. General knowledge and terminology.
  3. Graphic analysis.
  4. Analysis of p / s levels.
  5. Fundamental analysis.
  6. Cluster analysis.
  7. Option analysis.
  8. Effective trading strategy.
  9. Joint practice and much more!

We will reveal your potential! Teach you to see and feel the patterns! We bring you to stable results!

You can pay for the course directly, or open an account and replenish the balance with one of our recommended brokers.


  1. Deposit $ 0 - the cost of the course is $ 599;
  2. Deposit from $ 500 to $ 999 - the course fee is $ 399;
  3. Deposit from $ 1000 to $ 2999 - the course fee is $ 199;
  4. Deposit from $ 3000 to $ 9999 - the course fee is $ 99;
  5. A deposit of $ 10,000 or more is $ 0 per course (free tuition).

Do you want to waste time searching and testing indicators? Not? Then we have a unique offer for you! Use our trading strategies to generate profits and improve your trading performance.

TOGETHER WITH THIS SERVICE YOU WILL RECEIVE A REBATE - SERVICE (refund 1-10 $ for each traded lot). And also, an archive of indicators (trend, oscillators, levels, etc.), including indicators of open interest and a glass of exchange orders.

You can pay the rent directly, or open an account and replenish the balance with one of our recommended brokers.


  1. Deposit from 0 to 499 $ - rental price 99 $ / year.
  2. Deposit from $ 500 to $ 999 - rental price is $ 49 / year.
  3. Deposit from $ 1000 and up - rental price $ 0 (free rental).

Use advanced technology to trade in the FOREX market. Analyze information on currency futures and options traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The package of indicators includes:

  1. Option Level Indicator (Long & Medium Options);
  2. Financial Periods Indicator (Fin Periods);
  3. Market maker balance indicator (Month & Week Balance);
  4. Landmark profit taking (Profit Target);
  5. Open Interest Indicator (Commitments of Traders).

By purchasing this development, you get absolutely FREE archive of technical indicators (trend, oscillators, levels, etc.) + consultation on CME indicators.

Rental price: 30$ - a month; 144$ - half a year; 216$ - year.

The ability to test is available – 7 days. Leave a request or contact us by yourself.

Completely autonomous mode for round-the-clock work of your advisers, algorithms and signals.
VDS/VPS – is a dedicated virtual server and desktop running 24/7.

Service cost: 8-10$ per month.

For deposits of $ 5,000 or more, this service is free.

Programming advisors, robots, indicators, scripts and all sorts of algorithms. Solving complex and non-standard tasks. Development of neuroindicators and automated trading systems using neural networks. Implementation and refinement of your ideas. Quality assurance!

The FOREX market implies a bilateral trader-broker relationship.. The relationship should be fair and as transparent as possible. If you consider that you have been subjected to fraudulent actions on the part of a company providing brokerage services - EMAIL US and we will help you to return your funds!

Attention! Trading and / or investing with leverage involves the risk of losing money. Carefully read all the associated risks of speculative activities. Depending on the level of knowledge, skills and the amount of available funds - it is not for everyone. We do not recommend using borrowed or loan funds. Make sure you do not use all your capital.