Market analysis

Online charts

Button functions: filter, instrument, time period, bid/ask, type of chart, drawing tools, indicators, OHLC, volumes, economic events, online news, free/lock mode, crosshair, time range, save/load workspace, and other settings.

Technical analysis

Table of technical indicators on six time frames (5м, 15м, 30м, 1Н, 4Н и 1D). The value of each indicator indicates the "buy", "neutral" or "sell" of the selected asset.

Market signals

Types of signals:
  • «Support / resistance» - it is react when the asset price touches the support/resistance level.
  • «Min / Max» - it is triggered when the asset price reaches a local minimum/maximum.
  • «Figure» - triggered by the formation of a reversal formation (reversal figure) and touching the asset price of the local support/resistance level.
  • «Sharp move» - triggered when there are sharp price changes on one of the assets.

Economic calendar

Global economic events, news and releases.

Holiday’s calendar

List of all national holidays.

Central Bank rates

The current interest rate of the Central Bank, the last change and the date of the last change.

Ratio Sell / Buy

The percentage of sellers and buyers at a given time.