Mining equipment

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become a popular financial tool used for investment and speculative purposes. However, cryptocurrencies are not like ordinary money, at least because there is no central authority issuing and regulating them.

Instead, bitcoin or any other altcoin is generated by mining. This term is called - the process of providing technical and computing power to create a unique data block, confirming the accuracy of payment transactions, and consisting of the hash of the previous block, the transaction hash and a random number.

We offer (for free):

  • Individual counseling;
  • Calculation of the business plan;
  • Help in choosing suppliers;
  • Assistance in choosing equipment;
  • Training and support;
  • Cryptocurrency market analytics.

We have:

  • Turnkey farms (GeForce GTX, Radeon RX);
  • ASIC miners (Bitmain, Innosillicon, iBelink, Ebit);
  • Video cards (Sapphire, ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte, Palit, MSI, Inno3D);
  • Components for computers.

Today we cooperate with the largest suppliers of equipment for mining around the world. We will help you find the most reasonable prices and act as a guarantor of the transaction. To do this, leave a request or contact us by yourself.