Collaboration and partnership

Want to organize your own business, that does not require investments? Become a part of the global financial industry? Work with the largest representatives of the industry and earn money from anywhere in the world?

Interested? Good! Then this offer is for you.

CAPFINEX offers a complete solution for those who want to become an introducing broker and/or affiliate partner. Our goal is to create an extensive affiliate network of first-class managers working with international investment and brokerage companies.

We provide:

  • learning from scratch for anyone;
  • joint planning and development;
  • support at all stages of work.

Sign up for a consultation and discover the world of new opportunities! To do this, submit an application or contact us directly.

CAPFINEX is constantly growing company, and now it is one of the leaders in the domain of investment consulting. In this regard, we always need new talented and creative workers.

We give a chance to absolutely everyone and believe that every person has a hidden potential. There are vacancies for both remote and office work.

The main direction at the moment is sales. Open vacancy for agent/sales manager. The work is remote, with further employment opportunities in the office. Full details are on the online interview.

At the end of November 2016, an additional sales office was opened in Thailand, Fr. Phuket. CAPFINEX undertakes obligations on employment, registration of a working visa, provision of corporate housing, payment of the flight.

Additionally the company considers the option of moving with a family of up to three people.
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We are ready to consider any proposals for advertising cooperation. You can advertise on our website or social networks, if your material is suitable for the topic and will be approved by the advertising department. Information about advertising space and pricing you can get by submitting an application or contacting us directly.

For our partners and for companies providing a high level of service in the financial sector, a video review service is available, which includes:

  1. High-quality video-overview of the company, services, terminal, etc;
  2. Advertising on YouTube;
  3. Creation of an accompanying article and its promotion.