Real estate investment

CAPFINEX offers you a wide range of services related to the search, selection and acquisition of real estate. We are partners of 300 largest construction companies and 500 real estate agencies around the world. Our experts daily browse thousands of objects, choosing the best for potential investors. Residential and commercial real estate, industrial and public facilities, as well as land plots are available for you. Possible purchase options in the early stages of construction, which will significantly reduce the cost. By the time the object is put into operation, the price is increased by 35 - 100%. We guarantee you quality support absolutely free! Leave a request by filling out the feedback form, or contact us directly!

  • Assistance in choosing a property
  • Check the documentation
  • Analysis of investment potential
  • Transaction support
  • Return 1-5% of the cost


Cooperation with global giants in the field of construction and real estate services!

Thousands of investment attractive properties in 50 developed countries!

A wide range of prices (from $ 10,000) will give everyone the opportunity to invest!


Our services for investors are completely free (paid by the second side - construction companies, real estate agencies)!

A unique opportunity to invest at a high percentage per annum!

One of the most stable areas of investment!