Turnkey business

We offer a wide range of services that will help your business activity and free you from administrative and bureaucratic burden. Our responsibilities include everything from writing a business plan to project administration. We work with both the real sector and online businesses of all categories, providing companies with clear goals and ways to achieve them. For us, there are no complex tasks, and our motto is"there is a solution for everything". That is why we are asked for a turnkey business service.

  • Business planning
  • Corporate management
  • Company's marketing strategy
  • Project audit and administration
  • Creating and developing a business from scratch
  • Creative and modern approach to problem solving
  • Large and professional team
  • Experience in various business areas
  • 100 + completed turnkey projects
  • Our interest is your success!
  • 24/7 support
  • Individual approach
  • Flexible and non-standard «cases»
  • Working for results
  • Trust us with this!

Real Sector

Choice of a domain: potential forecasting, analysis of the external environment.

Business planning: cost optimization, costs of starting a business, fixed / variable costs, potential risks, marketing, projected profit, profitability, etc.

Business scaling: audit, tactical development planning, franchise creation and promotion.

Internet Marketing

Creating a company website.

Promotion: SEO - optimization, e-mail - newsletter, SMM, contextual advertising, banner advertising, traffic arbitration.

Development: logos, banners, infographics, presentations, sales scripts, etc.

Ready customer bases.