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SEO-website promotion by articles is content marketing. A fairly effective and inexpensive way to increase profits, which can be used by any webmaster. With the gradual placement of thematic texts on special sites, the SEO-optimizer achieves a higher rating of search engines for the resource, then the site grows in output and attracts new visitors. But in itself, the promotion of articles-the concept is quite extensive, and if you do not have experience in this matter, you can admit a number of shortcomings, because of which the site will not grow and time and money will be wasted. Therefore, there are principles of content marketing.

content marketing

Effective content marketing

So, what should you pay attention to when launching SEO promotion of a website with articles?

1. Site selection.

Portals where articles will be placed and from which traffic will go to the promoted website must be reliable. The long life of the domain, high traffic and ranking (places) in search engines are mandatory conditions for sites for content marketing. And if you use small young sites with a low number of visits per day, the result will be almost invisible. Therefore pay attention to the age of the site where you will post the article.

2. Thematics.

The advertising article and its subject matter must correspond to the anchor, that is, the text of the link that leads to the main promoted site. For example, it is not necessary to insert the names of cars in texts about tourism, and to mention animal food in interior design tips. So, here it is clear: the article and the link must have the same topic.

3. Article plan.

You need to make a plan in advance for a few weeks ahead and constantly follow it and continue it. The plan is a list of article titles for a month or two ahead.

It is also desirable to have a stock of articles in case of unforeseen circumstances, so that you do not have to urgently order or write a text if the copywriter failed, and the terms are already "burning". After all, with proper SEO promotion of articles, new links appear at a frequency of 3-4 every week.

4. Keyword selection.

For articles for content marketing, they are a secondary factor (there is a contrast with the texts for the site itself), but they should be all the same, just in smaller numbers. Keywords, as always, must correspond to the topic of the article and be part of the semantic core of the promoted website.

5. Anchor links.

This is the name of the phrases in the text that are used in the links themselves. Don't use too many anchors in the article. This clogs the article, which is not approved by search robots that will index the text. One anchor for a thousand or fifteen hundred characters is enough. Thus, an article for content marketing usually gets 2-3 links, among which one leads to the main website.

The other principles of external SEO promotion by articles are more obvious. All texts must be unique and correspond to the main SEO parameters. Today, there are many Internet services that allow you to determine the amount of spam and other similar indicators online and for free. Their compliance increases the page's position in the search results, and also has a positive effect on indexing.

We offer the following solutions:

  1. Placing articles in the "Blog" section;
  2. Writing articles to order;
  3. Control over technical optimization;
  4. Creating infographics;
  5. Video reviews and presentations.

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