Turnkey ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a method of attracting investments or a new type of crowdfunding, often used for projects created on the basis of blockchain. This type of activity has similar features with IPO (Initial Public Offering), and in that and in the other case, there is a phased attraction of working capital by pre-selling a certain asset. But there are a number of differences: type of asset, regulation, investor rights, etc.

ICO is a fairly simple and innovative way to give life to your project. Enough to have an idea that you think deserves funding and development. We will do the rest for you, namely, we will go through each step, step by step.

What is included in the range of services:

  1. Website (design, layout, branding, personal account, promotion);
  2. Marketing (business plan, white paper, video presentation, infographics);
  3. Pre-Sale (blockchain placement, smart contract, issue);
  4. Additionally (translation into any of the languages, advertising in social networks, etc.).

For individual consultation, use the feedback form or contact us directly.