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Copy Trading Platform

The system of copying transactions and social trading. Ready-made MAM service for brokerage companies.

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For Traders

Successful traders can earn additional profit on their trading strategies. To do this, they need to create a master account and start trading

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For Investors

Subscribers copy all trades in certain proportions and with an acceptable level of risk, while users have full control over their capital

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For Brokers

The technology combines MAM and social trading. Offer your clients a new source of income and watch your brokerage business grow



Strategy profiles contain statistical tables and graphs that provide information and details about the performance of a particular trader. Each master account in the system has its own page and its own URL.

Investors choose a copy trading strategy based on profitability, drawdown level and other indicators. Then, a join request is created, which is either accepted or rejected by the trader.

Trading results cannot be faked, and any manipulation attempts lead to an automatic blocking of the account. All money managers undergo identity verification, which helps to avoid conflicts of interest and situations related to fraud.

Subscribers can set daily loss limits and a maximum number of orders. Increase or decrease the balance of funds allocated to a specific strategy without stopping the copy process.

copywriting copywriting copywriting

Product Integration

We offer three options for implementing social trading in your IT infrastructure. Our team will help you find the best solution to increase efficiency and reduce time to market. All further technical support and regular updates are carried out by our specialists.
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Separate Application

An independent platform for the interaction of professional traders and investors. Connection to one or more brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Personal Account

There is no need to look for additional plugins anymore. All companies using our client portal and CRM get access to the copytrading module.

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API Integration

Our product can be integrated into an existing website or software. To do this, we provide an easy-to-use API and all the documentation for it.


Admin Panel

Administrative portal for brokers, and money managers. Large selection of settings for master accounts and profit distribution conditions. Manage your business seamlessly with a single platform.
  • Control of all financial transactions and clients’ actions
  • Configuration of MAM parameters in real time
  • Development of a unique design and corporate identity
  • Setting requirements and restrictions for traders
  • 24/7 personal support
  • Advanced risk management tools
  • Manager rating widget for website

Advantages of
Copy Trading

Copying trading positions remains one of the most popular trust management methods. We have developed a modern interface and made it as easy as possible to connect to master accounts. Now users, even without experience, can invest in the strategies proposed to them, and traders become signal providers.
For work with any type of assets
Several types of rewards
Trading results statistics
Absolute data transparency
Automated billing
High execution speed
Flexible risk management
Compatible with MT4 and MT5
Algorithmic trading support
Does not overload the server

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