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Turnkey Crypto

Cryptocurrency broker for CFD and margin trading. White Label platform of tokenized assets.

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White Label MetaTrader – Capfinex
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New Opportunities

A universal solution that combines the advantages of brokerage companies and cryptocurrency exchanges

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Active Trading

Trading technologies, special features, and analytical tools for all categories of traders

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Digital Investment

Investors get direct access to any financial markets and assets using cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Platforms

We offer several types of platforms, including MetaTrader 4/5, for trading digital assets. White Label implies full design customization and integral control of functions on the crypto broker’s side. At the same time, software technical support is provided by our developers.

Provide your users with spot and margin trading through modern terminals and applications. The platforms work flawlessly on all major operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices.

Adapt your offer according to the needs of your customers. Each platform has its own unique characteristics that will be useful for beginners and experienced users.


Tokenized Assets

Unlimited number of market assets, derivatives and CFDs. Link tokens to traditional finance or create synthetic instruments. Connect directly to exchanges, prime brokers, and liquidity pools. Generate internal demand and supply with the help of an order matching system.
Иконка Торговый терминал – Capfinex


A variety of digital currencies and crypto assets in a single interface.

Иконка Торговый терминал – Capfinex


Shares and bonds of public companies in major and emerging markets.

Иконка Торговый терминал – Capfinex


Short and long positions on energy and futures contracts.

Иконка Торговый терминал – Capfinex


Transactions in gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals.

Иконка Торговый терминал – Capfinex


Popular stock indices such as S&P 500, Dow Jones, Euro Stoxx 50.

Иконка Торговый терминал – Capfinex


Exchange-traded funds for retail and institutional investors.


Solutions for
Crypto Brokers

Best-in-class IT infrastructure and SaaS products for brokerage business. Increase the efficiency of your company with the help of specialized technologies and quick launch of the project. The modular structure allows you to choose exactly the components that your brand needs.
Back Office and CRM
Copy Trading
Control Panel
Liquidity Aggregator
Connectors and APIs
Trader’s Portal
Risk Manager
Fiat Gateway
Referral Program


Get an individual package of services from our lawyers, business consultants and programmers on favorable terms for you. Get rid of the need to conclude contracts with several partners.

MetaTrader 5 – Capfinex

Legal services

Work legally with a brokerage or crypto license. The issuance of such a permit will allow you to safely conduct activities in a particular jurisdiction without restrictions. We offer consulting in the field of international law and business licensing.

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Website development

Creation of unique corporate websites based on an exclusive design or template. Adaptive layout for convenient display of pages on all devices. Integrations with customer portal, attendance metrics and support chat.

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Lead generation and traffic attraction through various promotion channels. Contextual and targeted advertising, sales funnels. SEO optimization, link building and SERM. Publication of PR-articles on thematic forums and social networks.

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Let’s discuss your project and find the best solution. Contact us in convenient way for you or use the feedback form. Our specialists advise, share experience and expert opinion.

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