PAMM account service for brokerage business. Ready-made investment solution for money management.

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Portfolio investment and trading results monitoring system

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Easy Integration

Fast integration into the broker’s IT infrastructure and guarantee of uninterrupted operation

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Flexible Settings

Customization of the user interface and technical functions of the product


PAMM account is a module of proportional investment and distribution of profits and losses among all participants of the portfolio. This type of trust management helps professional traders to receive additional capital, and investors to receive passive income. Each user can sort PAMM accounts by the level of profitability, drawdown, or other key indicators. Attract new customers and increase your brand awareness through the introduction of innovative technologies.


  • Suitable for most types of assets
  • Additional source of monetization
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Connection to any platforms
  • Maximum degree of automation
  • New target audience of clients
  • Regular software updates

Money Managers
and Investors

A PAMM account is created by experienced traders who want to increase the capitalization and free margin of their portfolio. Everyone can invest in the chosen money manager in order to increase investments. For all parties, a certain mechanism of interaction is provided, which is controlled by the brokerage company.


  • Creates a special type of master account
  • Sets conditions for joining
  • Starts opening and closing trades
  • Shows the effectiveness of the strategy
  • Gets a percentage of the total profit


  • Analyzes the PAMM account, risks, and statistics
  • Makes a transfer of funds to the selected account
  • Keep track of changes in the trade balance
  • Pays a commission to the manager
  • Reinvests or withdraws his income

Statistics and
Trading Results

Investors can use assessment tools and public ratings of managers. The PAMM platform captures all statistics of the master account, which allows users to get visual access to the data for detailed analysis. All calculations are carried out on a separate server and do not overload the platform when working with the terminal.
Profitability chart for a certain period
Total number of subscribed investors
Maximum and minimum drawdown
Age and date of foundation of the PAMM account
Profit factor and expected value
History of opened and closed orders
The profitability ratio of the strategy
Percentage of profitable and unprofitable days
Large selection of filters and options
Average time to hold a position
Exporting detailed reports
The best and worst trades

Control and
of the System

Unique functionality for administrators and managers of brokerage companies. Our service is compatible with most popular CRM systems and trading platforms. You will have many options and individual settings adapted specifically to your business. The integration of our solution and all its components takes 1-2 weeks. PAMM accounts can be part of the client’s portal or of a separate application.

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Convenient administrative portal

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Control of all operations and actions

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Real time configuration

Бухгалтерское обслуживание и аудит Capfinex

Setting requirements and restrictions

Комплаенс и AML-мониторинг Capfinex

Several types of rewards

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Personal support service

Номинальный сервис Capfinex

Localization and corporate identity

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