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Cryptocurrency exchange development. White Label Model and SaaS Solutions. Creation of individual projects.

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White Label MetaTrader – Capfinex
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Ready-Made Solutions

Choose White Label to quickly launch your own business in the cryptocurrency market

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Modular Architecture

Adapt the components, functions, and products of the exchange to the needs of users

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Design Customization

Customize your unique interface that will increase the interest of your customers in your brand


A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform for buying, selling, exchanging, and storing cryptocurrencies. Almost all exchanges have wide functionality and allow a wide range of operations. We have developed several IT solutions for exchange startups. In addition to our own team of developers, we cooperate with companies from Europe, Asia, and the CIS countries. That is why we offer not only SaaS, but also individual development of projects of any complexity.


  • Multilevel security system
  • Reliable software infrastructure
  • Responsive platform design
  • Multiple trading options
  • Multilingual support
  • Flexible pricing
  • Technical outsourcing

White Label Exchange

Cooperation based on White Label provides companies with a ready-made IT infrastructure and technologies for crypto exchanges. Our software will allow you to enter the market with a quality product in 2-6 weeks, and also save money on developing and hiring specialists. Focus on your business, stay one step ahead of the competition.
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$20 000
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Optimal Offer


Advanced Functionality


Professional Support

Liquidity Providers
Market Makers
Liquidity Aggregator
Matching Engine
Desktop Mobile Apps Web App
Rest API Websocket Api Fix API
Back Office crypto-exchange-turnkey
Admin panel CRM Software Customer Portal Payment Gateways Blockchain Nodes
Crypto Wallets crypto-exchange-turnkey
Custody Providers Cold Storage Hot Wallets

Key White Label

Use high-performance software products that are responsible for the smooth operation of the crypto exchange. Each package of components is formed in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer.
Иконка Торговый терминал – Capfinex

Trading Platforms

Desktop terminal, mobile apps, and web platform for cryptocurrency trading. Technical analysis tools. Platforms for both beginners and advanced traders.

Иконка Административный портал – Capfinex

Client Portal

Registration and verification of user accounts. Money transfers to enter capital on the balance sheet and withdraw profits. Multi-level referral program to attract new customers.

Иконка Инвестиционная платформа – Capfinex

Crypto Storage

Hot online wallets for client transactions. Cold (hardware) wallets for safe storage and protection of the company’s cryptocurrencies. Integrations with institutional repositories.

Иконка Агрегатор ликвидности – Capfinex

Liquidity Aggregator

Connect to any exchanges and liquidity pools. Smart order routing for internal and external execution. Flexible settings for the exchange of digital currencies. Market and marginal liquidity.

Иконка Клиентский кабинет – Capfinex

Back Office and CRM

Automation of all business processes of the company. Administrative panel for the exchange managing. Incoming data monitoring, analytics, and metrics. CRM for sales and marketing department.

Иконка Рыночные данные – Capfinex

Payment Gateway

Accept payments in fiat and crypto. Seamless connection of cryptoprocessing and PSP. A single point of control and accounting of cash flows. Access to any currencies at the most favorable international rates.



We create products based on trust. One of the priorities is the protection of user deposits and confidential information. A high level of security is achieved through the introduction of special systems and tools.
Google 2FA and HTTPS authentication
Protection against DDoS attacks and SQL injections
Push notifications and SMS alerts
Regular check of backups
Auto logout
Search for suspicious transactions
Fault tolerance of IT systems
Limited access to servers
List of white IP addresses
Compliance with AML and KYC policies
PGP Encryption
Delegation of rights and roles

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Create a secure, flexible, and convenient digital currency exchange platform. Scalability is no longer an obstacle — we are ready to implement any logic using microservice architecture and modern programming languages. Our team has experience in developing a variety of blockchain projects.
Contact us for a full development cycle. It all starts with discussing your idea and signing a non-disclosure agreement. Next, there is a phased creation of a cryptocurrency exchange. The alternation of stages may vary, based on the chosen model of the project development process.
Planning and gathering requirements
Prototyping and UX/UI design
Coding basic functions
Testing and optimization
Core Network Deployment
Maintenance and upgrade

Additional Services

We strive to become not just a technology provider, but a full-fledged strategic partner. That is why our range of services is not limited to White Label and custom development. For us, each business case is individual, as is the approach to its implementation.

Legal Services

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements regarding the regulation of digital assets and crypto exchanges. Legal support and consulting of qualified lawyers will help to avoid many problems.

  • Company registration
  • Crypto licenses
  • Nominee service
  • Tax planning
  • Bank account
  • Financial audit


Design and web development of a corporate website. Increased conversion rate due to creative web design. Elaboration of the appearance of pages, taking into account the target audience and usability principles.

  • Model preparation
  • Adaptive layout
  • Content filling
  • Administration
  • SEO optimization
  • Identity


Get relevant traffic through promotions and marketing campaigns. Advertising for crypto companies in social media and search engines. Presentations, webinars, and online conferences.

  • Publications in the media
  • Lead generation
  • Targeting
  • Working with influencers
  • SMM promotion
  • Email Marketing

Any questions?

Any other questions? Contact us in any convenient way or use the feedback form. Our experts advise, share experience and give useful recommendations for startups.

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