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ICO solutions for crypto companies. Technical and legal support of the project. White Paper development.

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Thorough project evaluation. Analysis of product demand and development prospects

Turnkey broker — Capfinex


Creation of IT infrastructure for blockchain projects. Flexible solutions for business tokenization

Turnkey broker — Capfinex


A set of marketing services for ICO, IEO and IDO. Attracting potential investors


Conducting an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a method of attracting investments, often used for projects created on the basis of Blockchain technology. This type of activity has similar features with IPO (Initial Public Offering) — in both cases, there is a gradual attraction of financing through the initial offer and subsequent placement of the asset on the exchange. The main advantage of an ICO is that it cuts out intermediaries and creates direct connection between the company and investors.


  • Free consultations and expertise of lawyers
  • Target market and competitor analysis
  • Tokenomics and business planning
  • Technical implementation of ICO
  • Advertising and lead generation
  • Project support

Due Diligence
for ICO

To win the trust of investors, an ICO project must meet certain criteria and requirements. It is worth thinking about this at the planning stage, as it can directly affect the results of attracting investments. With our help, you will achieve the maximum level of transparency, which will characterize you as a reliable investment partner.

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Choice of Jurisdiction

To choose the most suitable country for company registration, it is necessary to analyze the legal framework and tax risks for the founders.

Бухгалтерское обслуживание и аудит Capfinex

White Paper

Let’s reveal the advantages and merits of your idea. The White Paper contains a detailed description of the project and information about the token issue.

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Creating an MVP

The prototype will provide an opportunity to visually demonstrate the concept or main functions of your product. This will help convey the core values to the audience.

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Project Team

The most important part of any project is the people behind it. If necessary, we will help you form the team with competent specialists and advisors.

ICO Launchpad

We offer several types of customer portals designed for Pre-Sale and Crowdsale. The presence of such an office simplifies data recording and mutual settlements between ICO participants. Organizers get access to all statistics related to sales, and investors have a simple mechanism for buying tokens.

  Pre-ICO Portal ICO Launchpad
Ready-made SaaS solution Yes No
Custom development No Yes
Unique design Yes Yes
Payment gateway Yes Yes
Referral program Yes Yes
Language localization Yes Yes
Airdrop и bounty Yes Yes
KYC/AML solutions Yes Yes
Smart contract No Yes
Setup $3000 $8 500
Monthly $400 Server payment

Issuing a Token

Each company that decides to issue a token must choose the architecture of the future digital currency. Creating your own blockchain is too difficult and expensive, so most projects use existing networks. This scenario involves the issuance of a token based on one of the popular blockchain protocols.
Price from $1000
Payment tokens
Utility tokens
Security tokens
NFT tokens

Our services:


Token Listing
on the Exchange

Placing a new token on a cryptocurrency exchange is a prerequisite for the development of an ICO. Thus, the projects seek to increase the number of users and the depth of the coin’s liquidity. When it comes to listing, there is no single standard or formula, because each crypto exchange has its own list of rules.

Centralized exchanges (CEX) have a higher trading volume, which allows you to quickly convert cryptocurrency into Fiat money.

The exchange acts as an intermediary and is governed by the regulations of specific countries. That is why the listing process can be difficult not only from the financial, but also from the legal side.

We are partners of many exchange platforms, which allows us to agree on the placement of a token at a favorable price. Our team will help you prepare for this process, fill out an online application and negotiate.

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Marketing for ICO

ICO and IEO promotion channels have their own specifics and features. The effectiveness of an advertising campaign will directly depend on your PR strategy, marketing skills and the size of your marketing budget. We suggest using an integrated approach to achieve the best result.

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